Posted on 06/16/2015

To start the summer off right, Nathaniel and Lucas were able to partake in their first summer camp together. Last week, they spent 4 days at Camp Wapiyapi, and while it was difficult to give away 4 days when time with my boys is such a hot commodity, it gave me great comfort to know they had such a great time, and were very excited to tell us all about the fun and exciting activities of which they were able to partake: canoeing, zip-lining, dancing, playing “gaga-ball”, and making friends. I am so thankful my boys are so willing to explore the world and not be worried about mom and dad. Matthew however, wasn’t too happy that he wasn’t going, but we made up for it by doing some fun things with him including Lakeside and the very rare one on one time with mom and dad.

This week, Nathaniel’s appetite has changed and his energy level has been at an all-time low. Do you have any idea what that does to this cancer mom’s mental state?  I tried to convince myself that perhaps with all the activities and fun from camp, he was just catching up on sleep he’d missed. But his appetite has noticeably diminished and the combination of no appetite and no energy leaves me feeling on shaky ground.  His MRI was initially scheduled for next Monday but because of these new “symptoms”, they’ve moved up his MRI to this Thursday. I truly hope that I am just being overly paranoid.

It breaks my heart beyond words to hear my son pray for his life on a daily basis. While I encourage our family to pray together every night before bed, I don’t believe any child should feel the need to pray to God nearly every evening to keep his cancer away so he can live another day.  As we approach the dreaded MRI, please keep him in prayer. MRI day is filled with huge anxiety and feels like the longest day of your life.  As hard as I try to take life one day at a time, that is often easier said than done. I would very much rather enjoy our summer to the fullest, than worry about the decision of another surgery and continued treatment that may or may not work. I’m trying to not go down that road right now. I’m trying to stay on the track of planning summer fun and appreciating continued blessings. I will post an update after his MRI on Thursday. I know in my heart God is good, and I am hopeful that we can take a breath for six more weeks after Thursday. The love and support of our family is more than appreciated, and we are overwhelmed to see the numbers rise on the members of TEAM NATHANIEL!

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