Donate to Support a Childhood Cancer Hero

Your donation will go toward building a cancer hero by covering the expenses related to getting into a trial and/or testing new medication that could potentially save his/her life. We also provide financial support to families so they can focus on their child’s health and less about the financial burdens that come along with a diagnosis. It will also help Team Nathaniel raise awareness about childhood cancer and further highlight the critical need for greater federal funding toward research.  Read more below.

Help us work toward finding a cure — one hero at a time.

You can choose monthly recurring giving or a one-time gift.

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If you’d prefer to donate via check, please send it payable to:

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Why Invest in New Treatments?

When you donate to Team Nathaniel, you are investing in the future of a child who is currently diagnosed with cancer who has had at least one recurrence/relapse or the medication they are using is not successfully ridding their body of cancer. We want to do our part in helping to find a cure. There are currently only three FDA approved medications used to treat childhood cancer.

Many medications and treatments currently available to adults are not available to children due to the lack of testing on children. That’s where the problem lies. How do we know whether or not it could save our children if we do not do the testing? But testing new treatments is incredibly expensive.

In our own experience with our son’s journey in battling cancer,  we discovered the lack of medication and options available to him once the second round of FDA approved medication didn’t work. As parents who lost our child to cancer, we hope to prevent another family from going through our painful experience. Team Nathaniel honors our son’s memory by creating opportunities for other families that we were not afforded.