Posted on 05/09/2015

Time to focus on the good news for a moment. Nathaniel’s MRI went well today. THANK GOD!!! I truly believe the persistence to begin his treatment sooner and the power of prayer that continues to spread for my son has much to do with this recent MRI result. It allows us to breathe, even for a short time, and savor the small feeling of peace and victory.  For today and the coming weeks, I am thankful and happy and relieved, and my son is so full of life, it’s hard not to look at life any other way.

Yesterday, Nathaniel received his new prosthetic leg. It will be much more comfortable with a leather strap around his leg vs. the sturdy plastic piece that holds everything in place. This year’s design is Angry Birds, Star Wars and looks very cool!

Now the bad news…we were moved to do Nathaniel’s MRI at the Broomfield facility vs. Aurora as we normally do because there was an emergency MRI they had to accommodate. Before beginning Nathaniel’s MRI, the technician apparently decided Nathaniel did not need to take off his new prosthetic leg, even though I filled out the paperwork indicating there was metal on his prosthetic and even though DJ told him there was metal on it before the MRI began.  The technician apparently quickly ran his hands across the robot leg and determined it would be fine to keep it on —BAD DECISION!  I wasn’t in the room, but was told once the machine went on, it jolted Nathaniel’s leg upward with the strong magnetism the machine has, and not only did it traumatize him, it hurt his leg and is now very tender. Let’s just say, the technician left with his tail between his legs once he had to explain to Mama Bear what happened.  He was very apologetic, but as our Aurora team mentioned when we returned over there, one should always err on the side of caution. It reminded us how important it is to sometimes stay surrounded by those who know him best. That has never happened at the Aurora facility. Needless to say, our Aurora team will be making sure the incident report is filed, and they immediately called for x-rays to make sure they didn’t see a fracture of any kind. So far so good. The x-ray looked ok, they want us to keep an eye on it for a week, and hopefully it gets better. Right now, it’s still tender and he will likely not be using his new cool leg for a few days. It’s frustrating at times, these small setbacks prevent him from truly being able to maximize the use of his leg and prevents him from doing exercises that build muscle and strength so that one day he will no longer need a crutch, but will be able to walk freely without assistance. I pray often for that day to come, but I pray more often now that he is just simply cancer free, and that a permanent, long term cure is discovered. I am thankful for the moment to be able to be the mother to my children that I always wanted to be, and that my three musketeers are still THREE musketeers. Thank you all for your continued support and love during this difficult and challenging time in our lives.

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