Lo and behold, the last round of chemo is here. Nathaniel is just one day away from completely being done with chemo – I hope for the rest of his life!!! Almost a year of chemo behind us, and all I can think of is, wow! I can hardly believe the strength our son displays on a daily basis given all that he’s gone through. It’s highly likely he will need blood and/or platelets next week and he might even require a hospital visit just as he did the last round, but I am so ready to move forward and one more hospital visit seems like nothing. While I am so excited to be done with the chemo, I am also incredibly scared and nervous. The reality of where we are financially and emotionally makes me nervous. There is still much to be done. Much needed physical therapy so Nathaniel can build muscle, and eventually walk without leaning. Making sure he is at grade level and ready to wrap up second grade with shining colors.

Looking ahead, I envision an end of summer event that will be something fun for Nathaniel that is also designed to raise awareness about childhood cancer and share our experience.  His school friends have been wonderful to him because they’ve lived this with him. I would like more kids to know more about how cancer can affect a friend of theirs too, or even a brother or sister. More updates on that.
Nathaniel is now 8. His birthday is March 14. He had a great celebration at Chuck E. Cheese and remains in good spirits and great energy. Very happy that we get to celebrate the fact that our son has lived 8 great years – 2 with extreme challenges – but still living a good, happy life surrounded by much love and support.

We continue to remain positive. Nathaniel’s post-chemo scan is scheduled for May 2. Please keep him in your prayers.

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