Help us make a difference on September 23 at the Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation 2017 Pediatric Oncology Celebration of Life


One of Nathaniel’s favorite pastimes during cancer treatments and hospital visits was building LEGOS.

He seemed to have an engineer/architects mind at a very young age, but when he discovered LEGO’s, a whole new world opened up for him. He was able to see one positive thing about going into surgery or treatment: he knew that there would be a LEGO waiting for him. At one point, one of the tumors in his brain had paralyzed his left hand, but that did not stop him from using one hand to build them.

His love for building was amazing, which is why we opted to create the logo we use to identify Team Nathaniel. In honor of our Master Builder, we know he would want other children to also enjoy building LEGO’s, so we created a donation drive that will provide free LEGO’s to children undergoing childhood cancer treatment.

This year we will be at Rocky Mountain Children’s Hospital in Denver on September 23, 2017. This will be just one day after the two year anniversary of Nathaniel’s passing. While it’s going to be a difficult time for our family, we also know how deeply he would want us to put smiles on children who are walking down the difficult path he once walked.

We will plug along on this very special day and work to put smiles on the many beautiful faces we will see on September 23. This day is Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation‘s Annual Celebration of Life event.

We will be celebrating the amazing patients, survivors and families with their 2017 theme around Dr. Suess — “We don’t like cancer here or there, we don’t like cancer anywhere”. If you would like to make a donation of a LEGO to be given in honor of Team Nathaniel, please contact us at We’d be happy to make arrangements for pick up of your LEGO donation. Please help us make this event successful.